The Painter's Guide to Photoshop by Sherry Hutson

About the eBook

The Painter’s Guide to Photoshop is an eBook on CD that contains over 150 pages of step-by-step instructions.

In his review of the book, oil and pastel painter William Abler wrote:

“Rather than getting bogged down in complicated technical jargon and procedures, artists (both students and professionals alike) can quickly discover exciting, powerful and creative new ways to enrich and refine their work. The guide’s content is presented in user-friendly chunks with text supported by clear, helpful graphics.”

Featured are easy to follow instructions for:

  • making color adjustments
  • cropping and sizing photos
  • editing images and applying special effects
  • creating art cards, flyers, catalogs, and web image galleries

The eBook also covers:

  • creating original digital art
  • the advantage of Photoshop over other image editing software
  • and details about purchasing and installing Photoshop

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Illustration of eBook pages

The eBook works with
both Mac and PC
including Windows 98.

You must have Adobe Reader
version 5 or newer
to read the eBook.

The eBook works with
Photoshop versions 6.0 through
the current version.

Most techniques in
the eBook are compatible with
Adobe Photoshop Elements 3 and newer.

Some advanced techniques
may only be used with
the full version of Adobe Photoshop.

The Painter's Guide to Photoshop

You will need the free Adobe Reader software to open and read the eBook.


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